Hard Copies of “The House” available for £20

The House Script and supporting documentation

I have a number of copies of my script of ‘The House’ available at a very reasonable price. If you are interested contact me and I can send one to you for £20 – a fraction of the online price. Drop me a line at  carran@triangletheatre.co.uk

The full title is: The House – researching theatre, performance, poverty. Special issue of Studies in Theatre and Performance, 37: 1, 2017 ISSN:1468-2761

Serving Three Mistresses


Lance contemplates multiplicity
Lance contemplates multiplicity

I have three jobs at the moment.  I have often thought you can’t serve two masters but now I think you can serve three mistresses.

The House: Hanging the archive on the washing line
The House: Hanging the archive on the washing line

Mistress One
Since I last wrote I have been working on writing towards a publication about The House with Jenny Hughes which will come out next January in a journal called Studies in Theatre and Performance.  I have also been  teaching my lovely Man Uni students who are now preparing for their devising assessment in May.  There are three interesting works incubating at the moment which will see daylight on May 9 in the John Thaw Studio, Manchester.


Cumbrian Boot Walk
Cumbrian Boot Walk

Mistress Two
Also I have been planning a residential course on devising for Heron Corn Mill in Cumbria that will take place between August and September this year as well as continuing with the performance research work there on Women of Beetham (and the surrounding area). The course details will be posted here soon.


Mistress Three
Then I have also been really busy wracking my brains about Albert, the Tank Tram a lovely clown project I am really happy to be working on with Richard Talbot and his students and colleagues from Salford University together with collaborators from the Tram Museum in Heaton Park, Salford Museum and WIgan Museum. We will be sharing a work in progress on June 1 at Media City. The project culminates In November later this year.

Kaiser Kurt
Crew in training
Crew in training

It’s all okay so far.




Writing about the book

carran head

I wrote something new on The House working diary pages about books. It’s a bit of a meandering around the word approaching its uses in that piece of work which I have just performed for the Gendered Citizenship and Performance Conference at the University of Warwick (that is actually in Coventry) – old tramping ground (Note: I use tramping in relation to temporary accommodation/temporary homes for artistic practice relied upon by artistic groups as part of the in-kind system of support to creativity.   I know it should be stamping….)

Jenny Hughes and I gave a keynote speech:

Sing for your supper: pauperism, performance and survival

and I presented The House and sat on a panel of artists.  Then I came back to the North, worked on a contract for a performance of the same show, finished the blog piece on books and began to think myself back into the Heron Corn Mill Residency which starts full on next Thursday 14 January more about which will appear here soon.

Between time

Carran as workhouse inmate dressing in boots and uniform
Boots: The House (PIc by Audrey Steeley)

Hello again! Just opened The House and on a motorway route to Dorset to review Little Blue Man and the projects we all made with Sandra Reeve back in September.  Been working with the ancestors in both projects. One for the summer and one for the winter…..maybe or vice versa, it depends which way you look at it I suppose.

Gate 5 – Moon River: Little Blue Man – pic by Mary Booker
Carran as Terry's daughter dancing in a football field
Gate 6 – Painting the Sky: Little Blue Man – pic by Sandra Reeve