Heron Corn Mill Artist in Residence

I have been asked to work at Heron Corn Mill on a performance project that is fairly open in that I can make something in response to the site and to the archive held here.

You can best follow its development on the home page which gives the latest updates.

This residency is my second project at the mill.  Part of it came to fruition in March 2016 with some extensive research and through making some preliminary research films:

She is the Mill
Tree Fall
Calling Up Constance Part One
Calling Up Constance Part Two
Calling Up Constance Part Three

The residency has now been extended and continues until September 2016.What follows here are the preliminary thoughts at the beginning of the residency and some historical  contextualisation of the relationship that has developed with the community at Heron Corn Mill

First Notes on this project:

Notebook on Heron Corn Mill Project

This first set of notes identifies the fact that I am betwixt and between two projects as well as this third one.  Naturally the other two influence the third so I can see evidence of The House in preoccupations with census information and in reading about the Milnthorpe and Kendal Workhouses, as well as evidence of Little Blue Man in the landscape, layers and route ideas.

My first project at Heron Corn Mill was a community performance called Threshold created for the opening of the restored mill in April 2014.  I devised this piece in collaboration with a team of community performers and creatives.

See the full project here

This film documents the final performance.

2 Replies to “Heron Corn Mill Artist in Residence”

  1. I have had a message from Janice Wilson with some suggestions:

    Inspiration – Constance Holme

    The Lonely Plough

    The Splendid Fairing – Prix Femina-Vie Heureuse.

    Crump Folk Going Home (1913),

    The Things which Belong


    Beautiful End

    Cryptic Inspiration for an Artist in Residence ….thanks Janice

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