Running in the Woods

Photographs courtesy of Richard Talbot

Running in the woods this holiday made me remember walking to school with instalments of “The Last of the Mohicans” flooding my brain in the early 70s.  I then thought about Wyken Slough and  Manor House Estate in Coventry where I grew up and Canada where I have many relatives whom I have never met and a planned visit for my 60th birthday …there is something  to think about here… Continue reading “Running in the Woods”

Forming a Project

Walking Research
Walking Research

I spend a lot of my time teaching people how to make a piece of work from scratch. I am finding that I know less and less about this the more I make my own work. So it is now a year since I was asked to think about doing something for Heron Corn Mill as part of my residency there and it is only these last couple of months that what to do has become clearer. For a long time I was gathering stuff, just gathering, filing and forgetting. Then some how the forgetting bit kept popping up – again and again – making me not forget it – those early walks following routes to and from the mill, and observing upturned tree roots on my own route down the A6.  Then I finally found out how to get from Milnthorpe to Heron Corn Mill and back again but not along the A6.  Then I got braver and went over the marsh… Continue reading “Forming a Project”