Copying, Confessing, Compromising and Neil Young

Dead woman tree long limbs axed
Limbless tree in River Bela

I want to tell you about “Tree Fall”.  I made this little film almost directly after the clearing up that followed the floods in Cumbria in 2015.  It follows the dismemberment of a tree that had fallen into the River Bela that runs through Heron Corn Mill where I work at the moment.  I became entranced by the image of the fallen tree and it was a focus for the few months following.  Watching the dismemberment helped me enter the more mechanical world of milling and water wheels, an area I am not familiar with since I went to school in the 60s and 70s when girls were taught needlework not metalwork, and science seemed  a hard subject, the teacher being strict and horrible, so I pursued humanities, languages and the arts. Continue reading “Copying, Confessing, Compromising and Neil Young”