In Flow

River Sky
River Sky or should it be Sky River or Skyriver or Skryver?

I have completed this year’s work on The House but I will continue to write about it on the poor theatres blog in the section called  Working Diary – The House.  There is a lot to say now that it is out of the box so to speak. If you are interested you can read a response from an audience member here. There is also a review of the piece by Elaine Aston here.

It isn’t the end of the performances because we will be going to the University of Warwick in January to play it at at the Gendered Citizenship Conference.


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Between time

Carran as workhouse inmate dressing in boots and uniform
Boots: The House (PIc by Audrey Steeley)

Hello again! Just opened The House and on a motorway route to Dorset to review Little Blue Man and the projects we all made with Sandra Reeve back in September.  Been working with the ancestors in both projects. One for the summer and one for the winter…..maybe or vice versa, it depends which way you look at it I suppose.

Gate 5 – Moon River: Little Blue Man – pic by Mary Booker
Carran as Terry's daughter dancing in a football field
Gate 6 – Painting the Sky: Little Blue Man – pic by Sandra Reeve