Walking with the Ancestors

I dream them and I work them out in my daily life.  I bought a couple of months of unlimited time on ancestry.co.uk and it took over my life so I had to come off it.  But the ancestors leave thumb prints all over me.  They just won’t go away.  They walk alongside me and tap my shoulder every now and then saying:

“check this soldier’s record”

“look at that hospital record again”

“double check this date”

“add the baptism to that one”

“go back to that field…he may have worked in that field”

“which GGGGGGG was that one?”

“is it Grand aunt of Great Aunt?”

Then you get to the Canadian and American lot and it’s just endless.

Archives and the Ancestors they just don’t leave you alone.

It’s a fever and it invades every creative impulse.

I am not complaining. I am very happy for the rich resource that is family.